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"What To Do When Alzheimer's Threatens to Tear Your Family Apart" An interview by Marie Marley with Carole Larkin. "Dealing with Alzheimer’s can bring out many strong emotions. As the disease progresses caregiving issues can often ignite or magnify [existing] family conflicts."

"Personhood --  Compassionate Dementia Care" Personhood in relation to dementia is recognizing the person with the disease as always being a person no matter what the disease has done to their minds.

"The Personal Nature of Personhood" A question about the article above and Carole's response.





Caring Conscientiously with a Medical Power of Attorney: A Power of Attorney whether it is for finances or health DOES NOT legally give the person with it the power to make decisions by themselves. It is a SHARING with the person with dementia.



"Why do people with dementia have trouble communicating?": The brain cells of people with dementia are dying in varying portions of their brains, so those portions no longer function like an undiseased brain does.

"The Logic Behind Alzheimer's Fear and Emotion": Understanding the logic underneath the illogic is one of the keys to more successful communication between persons living with Alzheimer's and those who care for them.

"Should My Loved One Be Taking the Alzheimer's Medicines"

"Expectations of the Person with Alzheimer's"

"Let Your Wife Do Things On Her Own"

"Geriatric Care Managers - Could One Help You With Your Elderly Loved One?" by Marie Marley in the Huffington Post features Carole!

"Re-Kindling Relationships with a Senior with Alzheimer's"

"Problem -- Wearing the Same Clothes Day after Day"

"Does My Mother Know She Has Alzheimer's?"

"Give Your Loved Ones Success"

Furry Chicken Makes Alzheimer's Patient Laugh and Creates a Lasting Memory

If You Are Unhappy With The Doctor's Communication . . .

Coping with a Senior's Dementia Delusions

Ten Tips for Communicating with an Alzheimer's Patient

Identifying Suitable Activities for an Elder with Alzheimber's

Caring for a Hospitalized Love One with Dementia

First in, last out . . . Last in, first out (Page 3 of Transitions)

Carole on Alzheimers Speaks radio on June 14 (2nd half of the show)

Some Tips for Bathing your Loved One With Dementia

Me and My Shadow

Tips To Prevent Wandering

Tips for Dealing with Sundowning

Alzheimer's Caregiver Help -- Local Area Agency on Agency by Carole Larkin on Alzheimer's Reading Room

Warning Signs of Decreased Driving Abilities in People Who Have Alzheimer’s (text version and Cinch audio)

How to Explain to Someone with Alzheimer's Disease That It Is Time to Stop Driving (text version and Cinch audio)

What to do when Alzheimer's Strikes by Carole Larkin

Alzheimer's Disease, Urinary Tract Infections, Urinary Incontinence, Poop (8 articles) by Carole Larkin and Bob DeMarco

Alzheimer's Caregiving and Medicaid by Carole Larkin on Alzheimer's Reading Room

Family Concerns About Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease:  Effective Family Caregiving Can Require Mediation by Carole Larkin

Denial is Dangerous by Carole Larkin

Physical and Mental Health Information for Caregivers by Carole Larkin and Elaine Wiant